Miami Commissioner Candidate Using OnlyFans To Raise Money For Her Campaign

Martha Bueno, a mother of four, is running for Miami-Dade Commissioner. The Libertarian has come up with a very unique way to raise money for her campaign.

The 43-year-old has started an OnlyFans in hopes of funding her political ambitions. She admits that the subscription based platform is known for its scandalous content.

“OnlyFans is a platform known for its dirty content. What is dirtier than politics? Absolutely nothing,” she told Narcity.

Bueno also made it clear that she’s not posting content that she couldn’t post anywhere else. In fact, some of the content is too much for OnlyFans. She says the platform deleted one of her videos before she had a chance to make it public.

“I guess some of my content is too spicy for OnlyFans,” she said.

It’s not clear how much money Martha Bueno’s venture into the world of subscription based content has raised, but she needs a lot of money to catch her opponent. She’s facing Republican Anthony Rodriguez, who has reportedly raised over a million dollars.

Politics ain’t cheap

Bueno isn’t just relying on OnlyFans to get the word out about her campaign. She’s also using her other social media platforms to help spread the word.

Will all of this translate into a win for Bueno? She’d get my vote, but she’ll need a lot more help than my vote would provide. The deck is stacked against her. An opponent with a ton of money is hard to go up against.

That said, she is picking up support. UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal was asked what he thought of Bueno’s venture into OnlyFans as a way to raise money for her campaign.

According to CBS Miami, the Republican-leaning fighter endorsed Martha Bueno for her brains, “That’s marketing 101, holy smokes!”

“You told me OnlyFans and I was thinking the bathing suit half off,” Masvidal replied. “That was pretty damn clever.”

I’m with Masvidal on this. I don’t know if she’ll win or not, but I like the way she thinks. She knows how to get attention and she’s not waiting around for things to happen. Even if you don’t agree with the whole OnlyFans thing, you can respect that.

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